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Erotic Massage Delivery

Erotic massage delivery okinawa provides erotic massages to hotels and your house in okinawa city and other major cities.
Traditionally massage services have required clients to go to the massage company.
At erotic massage okinawa we have distilled the key ingredients of a good massage down to its key components,
allowing us to provide the same experience in the privacy of your hotel room.
We have also adapted all our massages to come standard with the ever important happy ending,
which translates into all our customers being completely satisfied with the final outcome.

Oil Massage
Hand Massage
Erotic Massage

Erotic massage beneficial health effects

According to scientists our mood and health depends entirely on sexual energy.
If you do not get the quality relaxation you risk to earn a chronic fatigue.
Erotic massage helps not only to experience the exquisite bliss, but rather brings tangible benefits to health.
Due to different techniques of erotic massage you can significantly improve your physical state:
・Get rid of the disease problems with potency;
・Increase sexual power and energy;
・Get rid of depression, apathy, drowsiness;
・Erotic massage helps to excrete toxins;
・It improves blood circulation; the body receives a large amount of oxygen;
・There will be a stimulation of all body systems.

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Price Table
“Basic Massage Course”
Oil Massage,sexual lubricant Massage
,Hand Massage,Erotic Massage
,Prostate massage

Course Price
60min 12,000YEN
80min 17,000YEN
100min 21,000YEN
120min 25,000YEN
Nomination Fee 1,000YEN
Extension Fee(20min) 10,000YEN
Delivery Locations / Delivery Fee
Delivery Locations
Delivery Fee
Okinawa City 0YEN
Chatan Town,
Kadena Town
Uruma City,
Yomitan Vil
Onna Vil,
Kin Vil,
Ginowan City
Urasoe City,
Ginoza Vil
Naha City,
Nago City
Optional Fee
Top less 2000yen
Pantyhose Handjob 2000yen
Electric Massager 3000yen

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